💕C O P A R E N T I N G 💕

It’s not easy. It takes a lot of compromise, patience, understanding, and remembering that our kiddo is the only factor that is important when making most decisions. Her dad and I have made it a point since she was born to make her first. If we’re arguing, we know that Avery is the most important subject and if our arguing affects her, then something needs to change. This was our 3rd Halloween celebrating together and 2nd with all five of us. We visited 10 different houses, we had family meet and go, we made sure Avery had the most fun. We took turns holding her, showing her off, and playing like she was a “real” doctor. All of which were memories that she may not remember years from now, but it is an environment she will grow up in and can’t help but look back and be happy that although everyone said it was weird situation, she was happy. You see, we do life together. We have family dinners, My new husband and I go to event with my ex-husbands new wife’s family and my ex-husband and his wife join my family at church every Sunday. Avery knows mommy’s house and daddy’s house and that we have to share her. She may only be two and a half, but boy has she caught on quick!

I get many messages telling me they could never do it.. I didn’t think it would be so fluid either. I can’t say it was easy, because her dad and I had to work and figure out what system was best for us. What we do may not be the best for what you need do, but figure out what is best for you. For us, we found our common interests, which led to us being actual friends, and then even business partners. Not everyone is that lucky. I have a great ex-husband who works with me in all this and that is how we do so well! But it also takes:


If you and your kiddo are happy, that is what matters. Coparenting isn’t taboo, you don’t have to hate each other post divorce. Sometimes, mommy and daddy are happier apart and that is best for the kiddos and THAT IS OKAY.

Of course, a huge thank you to our bonus parents! It can’t be easy going into this life, but you all are handling it flawlessly!

joycomesinthemorning #coparenting

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