Go check the mail.

It’s so silly, checking your mail.. many times a day, but I’ll let you in on a secret- it’s okay if it’s silly.

I think back to when I moved into my one bedroom apartment. It was a new season in my life that I wasn’t use to. New baby, new people, new home. New. I was figuring out who I wanted to be, what I wanted to change. Have you been there? Loss of a very important loved one? Divorced? New season of life? Through all the new, though, there was a constant- checking the mail.

So I checked the mail.

Avery and I would go on walks to check our mailbox. Since we lived in an apartment, it was a nice walk. It was long, but it was a straight shot. After you check it once there is usually not anymore mail that day, but later that evening before dark, we’d go again.

We met new friends on our walk. We got fresh air. We got out of the house. We were forced to do things, even on our tired days, our busy days, the depressive days.

We checked the mail.

So often we get overwhelmed in the monotony of life. Day after day it is the same thing. Our kids are acting like fools, we want to be out shopping and getting mani/pedis, but paying the electric bill took importance this month instead, or you’re just not in the place you thought you’d be when you had your perfect “five year plan” mapped out. I look at my mailbox now and it is not fancy. Brick doesn’t surround it with beautiful writing, in fact, it doesn’t even have a handle to open. But just because our mailbox or life doesn’t look the way we always thought it would be doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace what we have.

You’re not alone, we have all been there and if we’re being honest- a lot of us hang out there more often then we would like to admit. The days get longer, but nothing else is getting done.

During my work meeting, my awesome mother-in-law was watching my kiddos and I was in a side room. Harper Jo started to get fussy, Avery wanted to play, so she decided to check the mail. Happily they all trucked out to the end of the drive way and..

They checked the mail.

Sometimes in life, we feel stuck, alone, or like we can’t get our head above water. What is that for you this week? Visiting relatives for Thanksgiving? Going to an un-baby-proofed house where you are on edge the whole time that your kiddos are going to break, eat, or destroy the fancy household items?

Check the mail.

Go for a walk, get the fresh air. Too cold? Hop in the shower. Take a deep breath, remember you’re only one person and that one person is absolutely and completely enough and if you’re not where you’d like to be, just remember-

Joy comes in the morning.

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