Raising Arrows

I am raising two brave girls.

Two caring girls. Two courageous girls. Two kind girls. Two loving girls. Two inclusive girls.

I am raising two kind girls.

When I think about my four year old going to school in the fall, I stress myself out at the fact that she will be out my possession for hours and at the mercy of people that may say or do mean things. They may make fun of her, bully her, belittle her and I just have to hope she will confide in me and not take matters solely in her own hands. What I do know, though, is my baby will hopefully speak to others with the affirmations I have given her. I am smart. I am kind. I am loved. I am strong. March 8th is international women’s day, coincidentally on my oldest daughters birthday and it got me thinking about the fact that-

I am raising two strong girls.

I’m in a Facebook group all about girls. No judgement, just advice, encouragement, and support. It is the place to be when you’re having a bad day because you know you will have the best encouragement, but that is no longer the case. One post with over 400 comments- that would have been grade A tea in high school, but as an almost 30 year old woman, is heartbreaking. Although it was stated that no one could attack her, the things that were written were enough to make me feel alone and never want to put my information on the group to be belittled as they had done to this strong, kind, loving girl. A girl who runs a business and helped me tremendously in a time when I needed her. This, this was not okay. I could have commented and then been attacked as well, I could have agreed and hurt my friend, I could have.. but I didn’t. Instead, I private messaged her and told her she’s not alone, that she is loved, that she is important and needed. I am a loving girl and-

I am raising two loving girls.

When I was in a hard time in life, I had so many girls reach out. Some brought me food. Some responded to my late night “poor pitiful me” messages, some just sat here and watched TV with me and said nothing and that was what I needed. I pray that I raise girls like that. The girls that sit by the kid sitting alone at the lunch table, the girls that play with everyone at recess, the ones that tell other girls “it’s okay” when they’re embarrassed by something at school.

I am raising two inclusive girls.

Be that girl. Be the girl who is the poster child for kindness. Be the girl that responds to the late night pity messages. Be the girl that is proof that nice people exist. Empowered women, empower women. May we be them, may we love them, may we raise them. Because the world will not always treat them right.

I am raising two tiny humans that will be world changers– what are you raising?

Joy comes in the morning ❤️

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