R E D.

RED. I’m not a red person usually, I usually like blue, pink, teal- not red. It’s not a bad color, it’s just not my first choice- but when I moved into my first rent house, someone gave me a red microwave. I thought to myself “Red? I most definitely do not want to do my entire kitchen in red.” It seems silly and I should have just been thankful for the free, red microwave. I remember confiding in my friend and telling her my “first world problem”. Her response was so.. easy. She told me, “if you don’t like it- then paint it. You don’t want to look at a kitchen you hate forever”.

Wow. Something so feasible. Just change it. Paint it. Move it. In life, we so often get consumed in “well there’s no changing it” or “we’re too far in”. So we stay in the failing relationships, don’t continue through school because that’s another four years, or give up on your goal to lose 4 pounds (or 40) because you had a bad day and the cake won.

Can I give some unsolicited advice though? Change. Wake up 5 minutes earlier every day until it’s enough to read your devotional before your kiddo wakes up or cut out 10 minutes a day to go on a walk, do jumping jacks, or play tag (kids are fast, you’ll be feeling it- promise). Hate your relationship? Is it your mindset? Look up counseling. Look up their love language. Put in the effort to keep it alive (if it’s a safe environment that you can save).

Take a step back and see what is making you unhappy. Is it really the red kitchen or the fact that your ugly red kitchen gives not one resemblance to HGTV? Check yourself. Mindset makes a huge difference in life. When you are set on what could have been and not what could be, your happiness tends to flee. As I moved out of my rent house and into an apartment in the midst of our divorce, I took the red things. Red bowls, red cups, but I left the red microwave. In that moment, I could have gotten rid of every red item. I could have started over with a nice grey (that’s what Mina from Good Bones would do, right?), but I didn’t. The red grew on me. The red became my kitchen. The red blender looked nice, the red dishes seemed right, and as I looked at my small, ugly red kitchen- I smiled because my mindset was different. I had a kitchen. I had a beautiful apartment that was all mine.

A year late, I moved into my new house I bought. Once again I was in the moment of change. Change of residence, change in decor, change in life- but that dang red kitchen remained. I hung up my red E A T sign, put my red measuring cups and later my now husband would gift me a red kitchen-aid mixer that would be the “icing” on the cake. Haha, see what I did?

In all this time and change, I could have continued to just be unhappy in my situation while I just say the grass as greener on the other side, but I chose not to. I chose red.

What is red in your life? What seems bad, but when you take a step back is easily changeable, doable, lovable? Is it your job? The one that you feel like you are excelling at, but as soon as you go on maternity leave no one speaks to you unless they need something? The relationship that just needs the understanding that just because you love gift giving, your partner is happiest with physical touch? The feeling of being inadequate since your house is still messy after watching “clean tiktok” for days?

What needs to be done for you to be happy? Make a list. Really look at your life. Find the red. It’s time to figure out what is figure-out-able girl and either fix your red or enjoy your red. Listen to the self-help podcast. Go talk to the therapist.

It’s up to you now. Make yourself have some Joy in the Morning, Joy in the week, Joy in the month, Joy in the 2022 year.

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