It could be worse..

I remember thinking “when it rains, it pours”. If something bad was going to happen, it would happen now. Looking back, that attitude was so destructive for my mindset and I constantly wonder to myself that if I would have had a more “glass half full” mindset, would it have helped? O mean come on, it could be worse.

I constantly told myself that other people have it worse and that is probably why I continued to struggle with finding my own happiness. I immersed myself in church. I went every Sunday, I volunteered every time there were opportunities. I was present. I just knew the more I went, the happier I would be. Update: just attending church wasn’t enough. Add more

Recently, I was on Facebook and my heart broke as I watched a video of someone going through a hard time in life. They kept saying “I know people have it worse” and I thought of myself just a few years ago. I told myself so often that I couldn’t be sad because people have it worse. There is cancer, death of a loved one, loss of jobs, house, pets, etc And my struggle? So minute in comparison.

I was at our Thursday night church service one night for young adults. I can’t tell you what we learned about, who I sat with, or what started it- but one of the leaders sat and talked to me after. He asked me how I was, I answered and once again he asked me- but how are you, really? I remember telling him everything and at the end, I said what I’ve been saying all along- life seems to be rough right now, but other people have it worse. His response- “so?”. He went on to say “just because you have different struggles than others people, it doesn’t mean your struggles aren’t important. They’re important to YOU.”

I’m a crier. If I’m mad, I cry. If I am upset, I cry. If I’m super happy, I cry. It’s super annoying, but at this point I’m 26 and it is probably not going to change. So if you ever see me crying, pass the tissues and go on with ya bad self. I may have cried, but people had it worse. So needless to say, as this conversation progresses, I cry- he cries. We pray and cry. Man, when they say lay it all out and give it to God- they know what they’re talking about. I had such a sense of relief, of happiness, of understanding.

Since then, I have talked to so many people. Some people who have dealt with things that I either know about, have been through, or I maybe have no experience with, but I can at least be the person to listen.

When is the last time you listened? When is the last time you reached out? I know so many people are living their hardest life right now. They’re

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