I always try to tell people that I am a realist. I don’t just look at the good or bad in a situation, I look at it all for all that it is worth and typically that makes me seem like a pessimist. Tonight, my hubs and I bought the T.V. we’ve been saving for, checking every store for the best deals, and saying “we’ll get it next month” for months.. We got it home and began the mounting process. I’m not sure if you have ever mounted a T.V, but let’s just say the wife is always right (kind of like when you’re building furniture or playing monopoly.) In my head, I knew how to put this T.V. up, but I could not get the words out to save my life as we held this T.V. above our heads and I kindly threatened his life if we dropped it.

The mounts on the back of the T.V. (which I screwed in) were too high. So the T.V. kept hitting the ceiling. My side was locked in, but David’s was not. This became an even bigger fiasco because now we couldn’t get my side undone, but his wouldn’t lock. We bickered back and forth, sweating as we held this T.V. and tried to think of how we were going to make this work. Every time I said move it back, he moved it up and vise versa.

We were on edge.

After getting the T.V. down after what felt like an eternity, we looked at each other and giggled.. Although we were incredibly frustrated with the situation, we knew it was just a T.V. and we would be silly to take the bickering any farther. After a quick fix, we put it back up- but it was lopsided. Someone put the mounts lower like we needed, but then they didn’t match them up.. So although it was close, it wasn’t right. Again, it was me. Through all this, my husband was so kind and smiled and kept telling me how cute I was (even though I was so mad we had to keep redoing it). After removing it and putting it back a few times- we decided we are now professionals and will be opening a business in mounting T.Vs….. NOT.

We finished and put the batteries in the remote to turn it on and sat down to bask in the glory of what we had finally accomplished.. together. As I looked at this beautiful T.V we had waited months for, saved for, and scouted the best deal at every store around, I told David “I thought it would seem bigger up there”. We went from a 55 inch to a 65 inch T.V, so it was a big jump in size and I sat there in disappointment instead of excitement.

How selfish could I be?

As I sat there a little longer, I thought of my two year old, Avery Grace. The other day she was in the bathtub playing. I was mom of the year and didn’t put bubbles in because I was in a hurry- she didn’t ask for them, so I didn’t think about it. After a bit, I started to wash her with soap and the smallest amount bubbles appeared, the whole bathtub wasn’t full and the bubbles didn’t last long.. but in that moment- I heard her giggling and playing and screaming “bubbles!!” at the top of her lungs. Avery didn’t compare her bubbles to what else it could have been- she just enjoyed the bubbles for what they were. Teddy Roosevelt once said:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And so often we get consumed in comparison. Someone else has the better, newer, prettier, happier life and you’re stuck with what you have. It is so easy to get stuck on that and I am the world’s worst realist and comparer around. Today, I decided to be intentional with my joy. I grabbed the remote, logged in to Netflix, and turned on Ozark to see what this T.V. could do. The picture is phenomenal, the sound is great, the size is perfect. I have exactly what I need. In life, if we chase our joy, it is so much easier to see God’s plan and purpose for us.

Psalm 20:4–5
“May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans! May we shout for joy over your salvation, and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!”

Today, I am joyful for my pretty little girl who loves life, my patient and loving husband, and super awesome T.V. that will be used to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and Ozark for years to come. Today, I hope you find joy in the little, the simple, the easy. I hope your coffee is the perfect temperature, the kids listen after the 4th warning instead of the 24th, and your Facebook post gets a hundred likes. Today, I am thankful, joyful, and loved and I will remind myself that even on the days I cannot be those things- that there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.